About the programme

This is a three-year programme designed to train a clinical officer general who is competent, effective and proficient to offer improved quality care to individuals, families and communities in Zambia. The essence of training a Clinical Officer is to develop an officer who shall have acquired competence to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic sciences that support the development of competence in clinical skills, practical procedures, investigating patients, and health promotion and disease prevention.
  • Perform common nursing procedures
  • Provide first aid for common conditions in the community
  • Take a medical history and conduct physical examinations of patients, interpret the findings, and formulate differential diagnosis.
  • Conduct child health activities and manage the sick child competently.
  • Manage common medical, surgical, obstetrical and gynaecological condition.
  • Manage common psychiatry conditions and conduct mental health promotion.
  • Manage and participate in community health services.
  • Manage a health service facility.
  • Provide and manage medical services in an ethical manner.
  • Participate in health related research activities and translate the findings into community health action.

The programme has been arranged in semester system covering a specified number of courses. In addition, the practicum aspect of the training has been arranged in periodical clinical placements. Varied teaching methods and audio-visual aids have been included to enhance learning and teaching. The student will be monitored and evaluated periodically to ascertain progress of learning.

Objective Standard Clinical Examination has been introduced and will form an integral part of clinical assessment. This is to ensure acquisition of skills until competence has been achieved. The proficiency levels provide a measure for the student to be allowed to practice as a Clinical Officer General and to be registered with the Health Professionals Council of Zambia.

Entry Requirements

To qualify for admission into the University a candidate must:

  1. Satisfy the general entrance requirements
  2. Satisfy the particular entrance requirements prescribed by the University from time to time
  3. Be selected for COG programme
  4. General entrance requirements

Five “O” Level passes or five acceptable credits at ECZ School Certificate or acceptable subject passed at an approved standard in another examination deemed by the University to be the equivalent thereof. These subjects are English, Mathematics, Biology / Human and Social Biology, Chemistry and Physics / Science / Physical science, are compulsory, and any other subject not listed herein.

Candidates with prior training in health related field may be eligible for admission. The level of entry will be determined by the proof from the previous training institution through submission of transcript.


The University shall not be obliged to take all candidates who meet the above qualifications because places are limited. Therefore the University will select the students on merit.

For details contact:

The Registrar

Chreso University

P.O Box 37178

Lusaka 10101

Tel: 0211-847733/34

Mobile: 0976-900681 or 0955-131826