About us


Chreso University (CU) is a government approved and registered institution of higher learning authorised to offer degree courses in leadership, business, development studies, community development, theology, public health and more. The overall objective of CU is to provide affordable quality education to the people of Zambia at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Further, take note that Chreso is a non-profit organisation therefore our fee structure is very friendly and affordable by most Zambians. Our aim is to provide affordable quality education. Chreso is accredited by General Nursing Council of Zambia, International Accreditation, a member of Logos Education Network and the African Network for the Internationalisation of Education. We take pride in our growing research activities that we have run in conjunction with Pittsburg University, Herderburg University and the Chreso Ministries being fully supported by the American Government.

The overall objective of CU is to provide affordable quality education to the people of Zambia at both undergraduate and graduate levels and qualification.Chreso University has expanded and emerged from the history of being involved in accredited vocational training in Zambia from 1996 to the point of acquiring an attractive campus with excellent structures that even led to establishment of the university. Chreso University targets Zambian school leavers, working adults and other clients beyond the borders of Zambia.

The vision of Chreso University was implanted in the heart of Reverend Helmut Reuter many years ago. It was a vivid vision that was nurtured over the years. Through their lengthy service in Zambia, the Reuters with others founded Chreso Ministries. The organisation has grown significantly embracing other projects in the areas of HIV-AIDS, Orphanage and education. Chreso Ministries also birthed Chreso Vocational Training Centre.

The Vocational Training centre grew stronger and eventually led to further developments that led to the formation of many other humanitarian activities at the hands of Chreso Ministries. The organization was established with the assignment of providing quality health care services and educational intervention strategies to the needy people of Zambia.  Due to the expanding nature of the needs of people in the education sector, Chreso Ministries in pursuant of its vision launched Chreso University.